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Lake Tenno covers a surface of approx 2,5 km and is located at the village of Tenno.
This picturesque small wooded island with its gaily colored leafy trees changing according to season and the emerald green color of the lake make this a romantic and enchanting place.
Tenno village with its medieval suburbs rich in archways and hallways stands at a strategic and panoramic position with half the mountain landscape overlooking Lake Garda.
To emphasize all this, is the overhanging castle of Tenno standing on the rocky terrace of the suburb Frapporta, that was also mentioned by Virgil in a passage from the Aeneid.


This small village is on the Monte Baldo hillside with houses looking out as an amphitheatre onto the water.
The windy position and the prohibition of motor-boat navigation allowed the area to become an important international sailing and surfing centre: All enthusiasts consider it the capital for water sport.
The most picturesque area at Torbole is the small village that has maintained its original aspect; typical for shepherds and boats men.


These Waterfalls are considered a Nature Park, and thanks to optimal maintenance and care have remained intact over time.
The flow of water at the torrent Magnone (or Varone), falls into a rocky cone from a height of 90 meters which is how the waterfall is formed.
Paths have been equipped with small ladders, balconies and paths full of vegetation permitting a closer look at the natural waterfalls.


This mountain has been designated Garden of Europe by the European Union.
Thanks to its balcony overlooking Lake Garda, it is possible to enjoy spectacular views from the white pre Alps to the majestic Dolomites.
Here, on the ski and snow-board slope or simply walking in pure pristine nature, it is possible to feel incredible uplifting sensations of well being.
Using the modern cableway Malcesine-Monte Baldo the top of the hill is easily reached within 10 minutes. In addition, the rotating cabins offer a 360° view into the blue.

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